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History Of Methandienone In Sports

Methandienone has been a performance-enhancing drug for decades, but it’s finally getting out of professional sports. Dianabol (D-Bol) or methandienone, also known as methandienone is an anabolic steroid (AAS) and androgen. It is still quite common for bulking cycles due to its affordability and effectiveness. CIBA’s first version of metandienone was first created in 1955 and had marketing in Germany and the US. Dianabol, produced by CIBA, quickly became the first widely used oral anabolic steroid for amateurs and professional athletes. However, the steroid remains the most common for non-medical anabolic steroid use. This substance is in control in the USA and United Kingdom.

History and Production

Methandienone was first created in 1955 by CIBA. In 1958, the German Health Ministry approved the drug, and it was marketed in Germany as Dianabol and by AMF as methandienone and methandienone-dihydrochloride. 

The drug is also available as methandienone-trione and methandriol. It is a derivative of Methandrostenolone and belongs to the family of small steroidal anabolic steroids called 19-nor derivatives of testosterone. In the 1960s, stateside, it was marketed as Methandrostenolone; too much of which is still available.

Role of Methandienone In Sports

Some of the most notable uses of methandienone were in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Athletes would build a large amount of mass and strength using this drug. This steroid is still commonly used by amateur bodybuilders today, especially to bulk up their muscles. In addition, bodybuilders would take methandienone before a meet to increase the mass of their muscles and strength before the competition. 

Athletes in track and field also use the drug, cycling, powerlifting, weightlifting, shot put and hammer throw. Methandienone was first available on the black market in the 1970s. The use of the drug has been more widespread in Eastern Europe than in other parts of the world. Many underground labs (UGL) produce inventive forms of pills, capsules, and liquids under approval by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. You always should include and androgen to your dianabol cycle and take them together. Therefore, testosterone cypionate online is the best choice for you.

Effects on the Body

  1. This drug metabolism is for 5-alpha reductase into dihydro methandrostenolone (DHM) and tetrahydro methandrostenolone (THM). Both are weak androgenic steroids that promote some mild, though not significant, increases in testosterone levels. 
  2. The methandienone, or D-bol, also causes the body to utilize more oxygen than usual, resulting in more power and energy.
  3. Methandienone is a mild anabolic steroid with a relatively low androgenic ratio of 20:1 compared to other illegal steroids. However, the side effects are still the same as those of other anabolic steroids, including aggression and enlargement of male sexual organs. 
  4. Although methandienone is not an estrogenic steroid in nature. It can still cause some water retention and gynecomastia if used in large amounts.
  5. Adverse effects of this steroid include hair loss, prostate enlargement, and high blood pressure.
  6. Methandienone can cause acne or other skin problems when taken in large amounts over longer periods.
  7. In women, methandienone can cause a virilizing effect and, in extreme cases. It can also cause the growth of facial hair and the lowering of the voice.

The bodybuilders before competitions use it to enhance performance. However, the drug can cause changes in the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally and cause some unwanted effects.

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